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Tech Bolt Barends
Barends save lives, that’s a fact.

Our Tech Bolt Barends are made of a specifically developed, super durable material which can take the impacts and damage that your bike gets put through on a daily bases. Kept securely in place by a x4 wedge system and a 4mm hex bolt, simple bolt these guys on and never worry about getting kebabbed by your bike again…


Proprietary Polypropylen Compound
expanding wedge cluster barend with 4mm hexbolt
super tough material
"over the bar" - design for longer life
sold as pair 
Weight:  More than you’d like, less than you’d think.

Manufacturer: ├ęclat
SKU Code: ECHB102

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This product first appeared in our catalogue on 12/09/2018.
Last updated on 15/03/2021.
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